First you should consider doing it yourself. Building a mechanical keyboard may seem complicated, and all the options may seem overwhelming, but it's actually pretty easy.

The video tutorial on the right shows a basic build.

One of the main things that will prevent people from doing this, will be the lack of soldering equipment. This will also require research and of it will of course cost money.

Here's a list of recommended soldering products from Input Club

Here's a soldering video tutorial from my friend at JUJU Cables.

I recommend browsing the forums to get a better idea of what's required, and what the different options are. Feel free to contact us with your questions.


There's a bunch of reasons why you wouldn't want to build it yourself, and that's absolutely fine. The time in knowing what parts are required, and where to even find the parts can difficult. We can take care of you in helping provide various options for a keyboard that suits you. And if it's something I haven't done before, then it probably will have a video made on it!

Keep in mind that we are in Australia, and postage costs will be high in shipping the keyboard from us to you.

Labour cost will be dependent on the time taken and complexity of the build.

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