The best place to learn more about mechanical keyboards is to jump on the various forums. You can learn a great deal about everything to do with keyboards, and get a feel for that enthusiast taste. However it can be overwhelming, and you can easily feel out of place with the sort of stuff people are sharing. Just remember that more expensive doesn't equate to more enthusiast. Do what you want.

These three forums are the main English ones that are dedicated to mechanical keyboards. There are of course other technology based forums, but you're going to get a whole lot of Corsair/Razer/Logitech over there. So check these places out :


TYPEHYPE is a new modern mechanical keyboard forum done right! Being a new platform, we need more members to make it even better. 


This is a great place to start, especially if you're already on Reddit. This is the largest forum, and is extremely active throughout all hours. 

It's a great place for beginners, where you can ask questions, and just check out everyone else stuff! It's definitely the easiest place to fit in.


A smaller user base, but a very knowledgable base - especially with older vintage mechanical keyboards. This is the place to go to learn more about older keyboards, and is made easier by their unbelievably amazing Wiki which I've constantly used.


The second largest keyboard forum which is more enthusiast based in comparison to r/mk. A more discussion based forum, which is often the place where group buys originate, and have a heap of custom build logs.