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Melbourne Mechanical Keyboard Meetup 2017 *3

October 5, 2017



MELBOURNE, Australia

The Melbourne group have been busy this year with their 3rd Mechanical Keyboard Meetup of the year.


Just a short intro for people that aren't familiar with meetups. These are events organised by community members to bring fellow keyboard enthusiasts together, but to also bring new people into the community. This gives us the perfect chance to showcase a wide variety of keyboards, which include different keyswitches, enclosures, keycaps, artisan keycaps, accessories, and much more. 


At their previous meetup, they had an estimated attendance of approximately 30 people. This time round they more than doubled the attendance, at an estimated 70-80 people! From my documentation and a few I missed, I would say there were about 80 keyboards all up.



A big highlight as always was the raffle. We had an estimated prize pool value of $1000-2000, which was made possible by our generous sponsors. We pretty much had everything, with actual keyboards, keycaps, sleeves, artisans, and other accessories. It's just super awesome to see people walk away with such great prizes.




None of this would have been possible without the organisers. Rhys at @dailyclack did an amazing job with the help of a few others in making this event a success. Thanks for setting up the venue, poster, prints, prizes, raffle tickets, and just everything else. 





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