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Melbourne Mechanical Keyboard Meetup March 2018

March 20, 2018


MELBOURNE, March 2018


The Melbourne keyboard community are no strangers to meetups. These guys are continually growing, and have had the most meetups in Australia.


The Victorian community is lucky to have some of the most driven mechanical keyboard enthusiasts in the country, and even the world.


That includes the two main people who hosted the event - Rhys & Eric from Daily Clack.




And well, this was the biggest keyboard gathering in Australia yet!


Learning from past experiences, we now had a much larger venue to accommodate the growing numbers. And even so, we were reaching capacity, with just enough table space to fit everyone's wonderful keyboards.


It was a great sight. To see all the people. To see the keyboards. To see everyone being so enthusiastic with keyboards. It all may not make much sense, but it's so great to talk to other people with the same specific interest as you.




With such a gathering, you're going to get keyboards of all shapes and sizes. And of course, a whole lot of them. 


Custom mechanical keyboards are constantly being introduced, and there was super nice ones. Aluminium still seems like the go to medium, which makes sense for quality and price. 


RAMA WORKS being based in Melbourne, they had a bunch of their stunning products there. And they proved to be popular, with a couple of other people owning some of their stuff.


What often excites me are things that people make themselves. Whether it be an enclosure, keycap artisans, sleeves, and all. The concrete keyboard drew some attention - obviously, with it's absolutely huge bezel. The SVSN keycaps were popular again, with the creator present.

Normally 60% boards dominate, because of their availability and modularity. However I think there has been quite a push towards 65% keyboards, with quite a few more 65% customs coming out. Although with many enthusiasts getting customs, there was a clear lack of full sized keyboards present. 


Vintage keyboards are always a welcomed sight. It shows us where keyboards have come from, and how they've changed. But we often find that old is gold.


Overall, there was a great array of spectacular keyboards. Everything is available for you to try. All the switches, keycaps, cases, artisans, making it the best place to try out and see what mechanical keyboards can offer. Because there's no store or video that can offer the same hands on experience.