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March 27, 2017

My last experience with Ajazz with with the AK33. And that proved to be a very successful product for them and for myself, because of it's unique 75% layout and it's customisable RGB lighting. So here's the AK60 with a different approach.


  • Ajazz AK60 mechanical keyboard

  • Various papers in Chinese - including user guide

  • Wire keycap puller - with key tester (see video)



This is a full sized keyboard with 104 standard keys + the media control hub in the top right corner. It features a completely standard ANSI layout, so keycaps will be easily replacable if need be.




The immediate thought I had and what many others do from just seeing it in photos, is that it looks like a Das Keyboard. And there’s no hiding that it absolutely does. First of all the top plate. It’s flat and has a reasonable bezel to it. The metal has a dark metallic grey colour which has a bit of sparkle to it. It’s nice and smooth, although the edges are a bit sharp. They definitely should have been rounded over at least a little bit, but it doesn’t impact on the typing experience.


The notable difference though is that this is rectangular. They both have quite rounded corners, but the Das does have that bulge in the top right corner.


But the biggest giveaway is the top right cluster of controls. This nearly looks exactly the same as the Das. We have the lighting control button, the lighting and sound toggle for the wheel, and some media keys. But that wheel. It’s chamfered in that red accent. It gives that bit of edge to the keyboard, but yeh, they haven’t tried to hide anything. The wheels is useful and easy to use, and it is nice for a change to have dedicated media keys without having to use a function key.




The keycaps are blank tops with side legends. People often question the usability of blank keycaps. I constantly get comments on my videos with blank keycaps asking how you type on it. I happen to know how to type without looking, and I know many are the same. It gives the keyboard a unique and clean look. However we still have the legends on the front side, so we can still refer to them, instead of having them completely blank. So we get benefits from both sides.


And the font or typeface is nice and simple. And it’s the clean look that I like. But the thing with these keycaps is that they are backlit compatible. So the light actually shines through the legends. However because of this these keycaps are the ABS black coated caps that are laser etched. I’m not exactly sure how it works, but I would imagine side legend double shot keycaps would be difficult to achieve.


But because of this, the top of the keycaps is that smooth and slick finish. And these are susceptible to wear and shine because it’s only just a black coating over a white translucent plastic. And without the legends there, it may be more noticeable.




Looking at the keyswitches, we have Ajazz Blue switches. I don’t know who makes these, but they do feel a bit different to the others Chinese clones. They have a clear top casing, and these keyboards have the switches so that the LEDs are where the legends are for the keycaps.


I’d say they’re closest to Gateron Blue’s. But slightly lighter.  I thought they would feel like Outemu’s, but they're far from it. Key feel is obviously a personal matter, but I quite like this lighter but clicky experience. Being lighter, it doesn’t feel as solid for a lack of a better word, and a bit more hollow when typing, but again, I actually like this more relaxing clicky experience. But I am quite different to much of the community, who tend to go towards the heavier side.


With the stabilised keys they’ve gone with their purple switches. These are still clicky, but are more heavier. It would be interesting to see a full keyboard with these.


See video for typing demonstration.




This does have RGB lighting, and it's all controlled and stored on the onboard memory. So there's no software or GUI to interact with, which may be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your needs. The lighting is very similar to the Ajazz AK33, offering a variety of colours and modes.


See video for full lighting demonstration.




This is no doubt a Das keyboard with a few changes. And whether you can respect or accept that is up to you. Because they really have blatantly took their design, and didn't even bother to change the top right cluster.


However, the changes are what makes this keyboard special. First of all, the RGB feature in addition to the front backlit keycaps and blank tops. This is pretty much exclusive, unless you specifically buy the keyset. And it really does make for an interesting and attention grabbing look. It takes the advantages of blank keycaps which make the keyboard look more minimal, but then we still have the characters to refer to when we need it.


However because of this, the keycaps are terrible. Their cheap, thin, and just shiny coated ABS plastic that catches dust and grime so easily, making it kind of disgusting to look at. 


The keyboard at the end of the day though does perform, plus it provides a unique look. So if you're fine with constant cleaning, then this is definitely a display piece.

Thanks again to for providing this keyboard and their continued support.

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