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REVIEW : Motospeed CK104 Mechanical Keyboard

December 3, 2016

So after so many people asking me to check out this keyboard, I’ve finally managed to get a review unit to show you guys, thanks to And I think so many people have asked for it, because it’s like everywhere on the internet, and is relatively cheap for a mechanical keyboard.


  • Motospeed CK10 mechanical keyboard

  • User manual

  • Warranty card



The layout is a full sized 104 key layout, which is reflected in the model name. And I know many mechanical keyboards aren’t full sized, especially these full sized boards, so this is actually quite a unique product. So if you do really need that numpad with you all the time, then we do have the numpad.




First impressions is that it’s light, narrow, and slim for a mechanical keyboard, especially for a full sized keyboard. The reason as to why it’s so light is because it uses thin plastic and aluminium, just like many of the keyboards in this class. The black plastic has a slight texture to it, but is smooth, so fingerprints won’t show. And the aluminium is brushed, but again, is quie smooth, so the fingerprints aren’t as apparent, as more coarser brushed aluminium finishes.


And the brushed finish is something that people will love or hate. Personally, I prefer something cleaner, like a smooth anodized finish.




And now to the lighting. This is an RGB keyboard which is a nice feature to have. It’s not RGB to the extent of the 16.8 million colour spectrum of other devices, rather it has the main colours and few in between.


See video above for full lighting demonstration.




These use Outemu Blue switches, which is an extremely common Chinese clone of the German made Cherry MX switches. So basically they mimic the Cherry MX Blues, but are are touch stiffer and louder. And since they are clones, yes, you can chuck on whatever aftermarket keycaps you want.


Blues are of a medium weight, and are clicky. So when you reach halfway, you will feel the tactile bump, and hear the loud click.




So overall, it’s a unique product. In that it’s a cheap keyboard, which is available everywhere on the internet, and even under different brands, but it’s also RGB, BUT it’s also full sized.


The keyboard is very light, but that doesn't mean it’s not built well. It does feature an aluminium plate, and together with the PCB there’s hardly any flex, so there’s no problems there.


I think the aesthetics are not borderline, but on the way to the otherside with a gamery aesthetic. The shape is absolutely fine, but it’s the brushed aluminium, gamery font on the keycaps, and the excessive top right corner that make it a bit more messy. But still, it’s a taste thing, and it’s still quite clean overall.


And with all that said, if you have a tight budget, then this may be the one for you. Otherwise, if you can, save up a bit more and treat yourself to something a bit more better built.

Thanks again to for providing this keyboard and their continued support.

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