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REVIEW : Obins Anne Pro 60% Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

September 24, 2016


  • Anne Pro mechanical keyboard

  • Micro USB cable

  • Plastic ring keycap puller

  • Bluetooth USB dongle



This is a 60% keyboard. Meaning that it is has 60% of the amount of keys in comparison to a full sized 104 key keyboard. So you basically cut off everything except for the main section. And the idea behind it is that you can still put all these other functions onto the keyboard with secondary function layers to create a more compact design. And this compact design is useful for ergonomics in that you don’t need to move your hands and fingers as far to actuate different keys, and you can also bring your mouse closer to the centre as well, for better shoulder positioning.




The keyboard being a 60% stays true to a simple and clean aesthetic. 60% boards are compact in nature, so the case design tends to follow suit. The one that I have today is a collector’s edition, but it doesn’t differ in design besides the colour, in which this one is yellow. But it’s also available in black, white, blue, and pink. So a good variety to choose from which is awesome.


The case design is very similar to a poker. It has thin bezels, but has more square-ish pointy corners, and is chamfered. And it has the same inclined side profile, with tapered sides that gives the thinning effect, and a sleek angular look. The plastic casing has a standard satin textured finish to it, which looks fine, and doesn’t show any fingerprints and stuff. The hue of the yellow itself is very deep and warm, as it goes a touch towards orange.


All versions besides the black version come with white keycaps, which is appropriate for the colours it comes in, and gives the keyboard a more light and clean feel, and accentuates the colour of the case. The font or typeface on the keycaps in my tastes are decent. They’re not the best, but they don’t go as far as the other more gamery typefaces on other Chinese boards.The characters are quite thin, so it doesn’t accentuate those little slits they have, so it’s not so bad. But they are still a let down in my opinion, as a cleaner and more simpler typeface would have tied up the whole minimalistic aesthetic design, although your tastes may vary.




One of the coolest things about this keyboard, is that it uses Gateron switches. Gateron switches are Chinese clones of the German made Cherry MX switches, but surprisingly, they’re considered more superior. The main advantage of Gateron switches is that they’re smoother and not as scratchy as Cherry MX switches, and they’re also cheaper.

So I had a really nice typing experience for the most part. But the stabilisers are absolutely terrible. Some of the worst I've come across. They're just so loose and rattly, and it's really disappointing. 




The bluetooth typing experience is okay. It’s a bit sluggish, and you can notice it when typing at a reasonable pace. But so far it hasn’t hindered my ability to type accurately, although I only hover at about 100 words per minute, so if you’re faster than that, then you may experience some skipping, in which I experienced with the Drevo 71 wireless keyboard. But this bluetooth connection seems to be better, and the connection was also really strong, with a line of sight distance of easily over 10 metres.




In the APP the lighting is pretty much the same as on board customisation, except you can make custom colour layouts and save them.You can customise each individual key, or quickly change colours of just the alpha’s, or the modifiers.

Watch video above for full lighting demonstration.




So I’m just really impressed with this mechanical keyboard. For a Chinese board, this is one of the best I’ve come across. The 60% form factor may be scary for some, but they are an extremely popular form factor in the enthusiast community, due to it’s size and functionality, and its wide availability. This is definitely a form factor that many would have to get used to, especially having to go without dedicated arrow keys is a very common complaint. Although with the remapping tool, you can make dedicated arrow keys.


The build quality is decent - nothing special, and it comes with Gateron switches, which I regard as superior to Cherry MX switches for linears at least. And it just looks great, especially since you can choose the colour of your case, plus the lighting is vibrant.

Can't get your hands on a Poker? Grab an Anne Pro.

Thanks to for supporting us and providing the keyboard.

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