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REVIEW : Velocifire T11 Mechanical Keyboard

February 13, 2017

 This floating keyboard design was apparently design by Cherry engineers, and it definitely is a unique look.




  • Velocifire T11 mechanical keyboard

  • User manual

  • Plastic ring keycap puller



This is a full sized keyboard with 104 keys. I think a tenkeyless version would have been cool, and make it look nicer as well. It has a completely standard ANSI layout, so replacing keycaps will be no problem. However with the massive front and back clear plastic flaps, the keyboard is made even bigger than what it should be.




We can see it’s quite a different looking keyboard to anything on the market. The obvious thing is the huge clear plastic enclosure. Now this is something that will divide many people, and is something that probably many won’t like. Personally at first, I wasn’t a fan, since it’s quite large and in your face. The clear plastic adds a lot to the rear and to the front of the unit. Especially at the front where it protrudes quite far, but not far enough to be some sort of wrist rest. So that would therefore make this whole front flap just an aesthetic feature, rather than anything functional.


However, I do really like the bottom of the keyboard and the idea of completely showing the internals, and I think it adds a really cool design element. But we can see what they went out to do. It looks like they wanted to kinda make the keyboard look like it’s floating. And to be fair it actually does, and since there’s no top shell, it has a floating key design, so the switches are exposed. I also really like the simplistic rectangular shape it has at the bottom. And when we plug it in, it turns on 5 surface mounted LEDs which gives an underglow effect, which I also really like, and has been a bit of a trend with custom keyboards. Although since this has a completely clear transparent plastic, rather than frosted, the light isn’t diffused much. But from the sides and from up top, the underglow actually looks pretty good, but it’s only in blue, so it may not match what you like.




The keyswitches used are Zorro Brown switches, but this is also available in Blues. I’ve covered these before in their other keyboard, so I really shoulda requested some blues. But yeh, they’re not the best switches out there. They’re Chery MX clones, so they look the same, and are compatible with all those keycaps.

Since they’re brown, they’re quite light and have a small tactile bump halfway. And what can I say, they just don’t feel as nice as even Cherry MX browns. They feel kinda cheap and kinda hollow and spongy. There are consistency issues in terms of actuation force required, with some being lighter than others. But they still do have the 4mm travel and tactile bump, and still give that mechanical experience, albeit not as nice.




With it plugged in, we can see this mess of LEDs which is unfortunate. While it may look RGB at first glance on a website, these have fixed colour LEDs, so they can’t change colour. So each row has a dedicated colour, also known as a fixed rainbow pattern. And since I’m not a fan, a used this with the LEDs off, since it looks better that way.


And it does come off as a bit tacky and cheap looking. Although some may like this, a singular colour scheme like white or blue would be more flexible with tastes and matching setups.


See video above for full lighting demonstration.




But I think a super important factor is price. On their Amazon store they list the brown switch version for 40 US dollars, and the blues for 50. So it’s actually really quite cheap for a mechanical keyboard. If you’re on a tight budget and no matter what you can’t go higher, then this is one to consider. I guess what it really comes down to is whether you like how it looks, making it a really easy decision to make. And it is an interesting look and I can see that they were going for that floating look, but I gotta say, it did grow on me a bit, although I did have to leave the lights off. But I do appreciate innovation and just something different, and although it doesn’t completely fit with what I like, others may fancy it.

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