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Sydney Mechanical Keyboard Meetup 2017 *1

July 12, 2017





The first 2017 Sydney Mechanical Keyboard Meetup was a huge success! 

Just a short intro for people that aren't familiar with meetups. These are events organised by community members to bring fellow keyboard enthusiasts together, but to also bring new people into the community. This gives us the perfect chance to showcase a wide variety of keyboards, which include different keyswitches, enclosures, keycaps, artisan keycaps, accessories, and much more. 


We had a meetup last year in September and learned a few things from it. And we were absolutely delighted to get a much larger attendance, filling up the space that we had. 

And this meant we had an amazing array of keyboards on display. I'll go more in depth in the video, so I'll just touch on a few things here. We had some budget boards, with many of them being customised, mostly with different keycaps. But by far the most impressive modded budget board in my eyes was an AJAZZ AK33 by Shendo-tech. As some of you may know; this is one of the cheapest boards out there, but he got rid of the PCB and handwired the whole thing. 


We were able to see a couple things that were lacking in the last meetup. This time we had a bunch of Topre switch boards, with some HHKB's, Realforce's, Leopold's, and Novatouch's. We also had some split ergonomic keyboards, with a couple of Ergodox's and similar boards. One of the impressive ones was the Mitosis Split board which was designed by the person there. And also a few more ortholinear keyboards as well, but mainly just a few 30% Gherkins.


And finally we of course had our high end keyboard$ that looked and felt stunning. And I bet they got that bit of enjoyment from people admiring their stuff.

As for myself, I brought along about 20 keyboards which had something interesting about them, whether it be a specific switch or layout.




The other large attraction was the amazing raffle we had with a tonne of prizes provided by the community. We split the raffle so it would be every hour, and this helped keep the crowd healthy for the duration of the event. We were able to give away some really cool stuff, like keyboards, keycaps, and other accessories. I love that we can have people walking away with a brand new mechanical keyboard!

Just a great event overall. And this won't be the last for this year, so if you missed out, don't worry. 



This is of course wouldn't have been possible without our wonderfully generous sponsors. We are very grateful for their support, and it shows their commitment and desire to be involved with the community. I'd like to personally thank the sponsors I personally reached out to. Tesoro, Vortex, iKBC, and Mistel were all keen to get on board by giving us a bunch of keyboards to giveaway. Congratulations to the lucky winners! They definitely left very happy.


Last but not least, nothing would have happened without the hard work and commitment from Don. Don, with the help of his wife did an absolutely amazing job in organising the event way ahead of time, with the venue, the bulk of the sponsors, the raffle, snacks, and all the other little bits over the 3 months of preparation. He gets nothing out of it other than the joy of holding a meetup, in fact he didn't even enter the raffle (he was teased with all loot!), so a massive thanks to him.


If you want to support him, he is a host on 'The Board Podcast', and you can find them on YouTube or their podcast website.





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