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TC-CON : Gold Coast Mechanical Keyboard Meetup January 2018

March 16, 2018

On the 20th of January, we had our first Queensland Meetup of the year. And this was hosted by the great TC, who welcomed us into his wonderful Gold Coast home. This wasn't a big meet like what we've been seeing around the world, this was just a small gathering of mostly a bunch of people on Discord. And what a great meet it was. It was nice to take a break from the big and flashy meets (nothing wrong with em), and just have something more chill.


Here's the video. Not the grandest (I chucked all the clips into the timeline, ordered them, bit of stabilising (sorry for warp), and some correcting). So no voice-over for this video. And apologies if I missed your board!





The Queenslander's weren't joking about, there was some real nice keyboards here. There was a good mix of everything. We had some real high end aluminium keyboards, Exent / FOX Orange / ALF's / just to name a few.


Some older stuff from Interpsy. Topre never misses out, with a couple of HHKB's, with the newer BKE Domes making an appearance. As well as the not often seen Epson Topre board!


 James had his variety of awesome DIY jobs, including his cement, copper pipe, and cork boards. A bunch of ortholinears, which didn't fair too well in the typing tests.


Photos courtesy of TC.


One of the highlights for me personally, and for a bunch of others, was the Selectric typewriter. Not sure what model it was, but it was a great experience, being completely different to everything else there. A big thanks to Interpsy for lugging it along.




Big thanks again to TC. He really stepped up to gather us together, with most people coming from up north in Brisbane. Thanks for the food and the drinks. And thanks for everyone who came!


Hopefully there will be another QLD meet during the year. Maybe Brisbane?

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